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Friday, April 22nd, 2005

In brief, this is a page for my different flight simulator projects. Most are scenery projects under development that will eventually be released under the FISD brand, but I might write about other projects here too, be it addon designing or anything else.

Having designed scenery addons for MS Flight Simulator for years now, I’m often asked when they will be released. This is very frustrating, as this is just one of my hobbies, and I really don’t have any schedules to work by. On the other hand, I feel bad about keeping all these nice addons to myself when they’re under development. They still are completely useable improvements, even if not “complete”. Thus I decided to change my policy of only releasing finished work and put up this “outlet”.

Here I will try to post information and files anytime I manage to get something done about my projects. Hopefully this will make both sides happier, and possibly even encourage some kind of cooperation with the community, maybe just feedback and comments for starters. Anyone can post comments by just clicking the link below each article, though I will remove any inappropriate messages.

Some might now be thinking, why not post these on FS Nordic’s discussion forum? My aim is to post here maybe even daily reports of the current progress, and those reports would easily get lost in the forum with other threads and comments. So if you’re really interested in my projects’ development and progress, and might want to contribute by giving feedback, you can do it here. Of course I will post any major changes also on the forum as before.

While that is the primary function of this blog and contains the majority of useful information, I also may want to publish articles on any other subjects that I’m interested in. If you feel like not wanting to see those, just click on the Scenery design category in the sidebar, and all you will see are my project reports.

Finally, why write in English? Well, that’s just my personal preference. If you can’t understand something, feel free to contact me by e-mail or just post a comment. Comments are welcome and encouraged in any language I understand.

So, remember that all files here are work in progress, and the same quality as in released FISD sceneries can’t be expected! Also please do post comments, suggestions for improvement etc., that’s the easiest way to get involved in scenery design!

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Friday, April 22nd, 2005