EFHK and EFHF FSX patches

November 8th, 2009

A couple more updated FSX patches for EFHK and EFHF. For Helsinki-Vantaa, I’ve finally managed to work through the autogen problem, so the clear-cut area should be no bigger than in FS9. Also includes the approach and runway light fix. This version does not include the old background textures, so installing Esa Sairio’s Vantaa and Tuusula photosceneries is recommended. Install over the released FS9 1.6 version.

For Malmi, the FSX version is lacking some detail, like the perimeter fence and some landside objects. The ground however is working fine and compatible with Esa’s Helsinki photoscenery. Also included are the new objects from the earlier FS9 update. Install over the released FS9 2.01 version.

Again, please do report any issues with these work in progress updates.


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  1. Nuutti Luukkonen Says:

    Oot tehny hienoo työtä!

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