EFHK ground update

May 23rd, 2011

Apparently there were some problems with the previous FSX patch for EFHK, this patch should correct the misplaced taxiway lines etc. I’ve also done a number of improvements to the ground markings in these patches.

As usual, remove any previous EFHK versions, install a clean EFHK 1.61 and extract the correct update package into your EFHK folder.

FS9: efhk_20110523.zip
FSX: efhk-x_20110523.zip

One Response to “EFHK ground update”

  1. David Kernow Says:

    Hi Jari,

    I’m intrigued to try your EFHK scenery in FSX, but don’t seem to be able to find an EFHK v1.61 for FSX with which to apply this patch. The EFHK v1.61 at FSnordic.net (25,5 MB) is tagged as for FS2004 — is this the EFHK v1.61 I should use anyway..?

    Sorry if I’ve managed to confuse myself!

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