EFHK update

July 1st, 2012

This small update adds the de-icing areas that were built last year on the extended Apron 8. It also fixes an issue with the taxiway lines on the concrete stands on FSX and might help with crashes on FS9.

As usual, remove any previous EFHK versions, install a clean EFHK 1.61 and extract the correct update package into your EFHK folder.

FS9: efhk_20120701.zip
FSX: efhk-x_20120701.zip

2 Responses to “EFHK update”

  1. Geoff Cooper Says:

    Thanks very much for another great update to this scenery! I’m glad to see that this project is still going.

  2. Mikael Leinonen Says:

    Thanks very much for your efforts!

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