EFHK 1.61 and EFHF 2.1 released

January 19th, 2010

Packaged my latest updates for EFHK and EFHF into complete releases and both are now available at FSNordic.

EFHK 1.61 is the same version as the earlier beta, just a couple of bug fixes including the autogen problem. EFHF 2.1 includes all updates released since the original version, as well as a couple of new hangars and updated ground layout. Also should be compatible with Esa Sairio’s Helsinki Photoscenery which is highly recommended!

Remember to delete any earlier versions and work in progress updates before installing to avoid any conflicts!

EFHK 1.61 screenshot

2 Responses to “EFHK 1.61 and EFHF 2.1 released”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hi Jari,

    I’ve got to commend your framerate optimization for EFHK 1.61. It’s a major improvement and runs extremely smooth on my older machine (2.52 GHz processor). Thanks for all your continued work on Vantaa!


  2. Ian Oak-Rhind Says:

    Hello Jari…….please excuse this unsolicited message but I am asking for help/advice. I am keen to start flying to EFHK and to use your amazing sounding scenery. However….I am a bit confused by the order with which I am supposed to install all the various elements. I have downloaded for FS9 (but not yet installed) :
    1. EFHK 1.61
    2. FinnClass2.2
    3. FinnTerrain1.80
    3 FISD Library1.5
    4. Vantaa Photoscenery1.0

    I would be very grateful if you could please tell in the EXACT order I am supposed to place these various elements within the FS Scenery Library.

    Many thanks in advance and regards

    Ian Oak-Rhind

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